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Bulgarian Rose Plc - Karlovo is a well established company with long traditions in production of natural flavorings and cosmetics. The company satisfies its costumers` needs through a wide variety of products rich in natural ingredients with proven efficacy and safety:


  • Cosmetic series "Lady‘s Joy Luxury" with participation of organic rose oil and organic rose water, oue own production;
  • Cosmetic series "Lady`s Joy", "Rose", "Rose Joghurt", "Rose Berry Nature", "Bulgarian Rose Signature Spa" with participation of Bulgarian rose oil, our own production and emblematic for Bulgaria;
  • Cosmetic series "Bulgarian Rose Signature" with participation of rose absolute;
  • Cosmetic series "SPA Energy" with participation of seafood;
  • Natural handmade aromatherapy glycerin soaps;
  • Aromatherapy bath salts;
  • Natural oils for massage, and others.


Closed production cycle, contemporary technology, a team of experienced and qualified professionals, high quality products create conditions for successful business. Cosmetic products of Bulgarian Rose Plc - Karlovo found widespread acceptance of domestic and international markets - countries from Europe, Asia and America. They are exported in over 40 countries worldwide, including countries with a tradition of cosmetic production, namely: France, Italy, Spain, Poland and others.